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I have recently joined my local Rotary Club.

If you are not aware of what Rotary does, it may be worthwhile clicking on our Official website:

The Rotary Club of Bourne End & Cookham

Here are some of our activities:

If you would like copies of any of the photos, please contact me

(please note: all photos are copyright Richard Monger but may be used by any Rotarian for non commercial useage only. If a commercial use is required please contact me)

If you do use any of the photos, can you please acknowledge both myself and my Rotary Club? Thanks.

Visit to the Olympic Village

Our Dutch Friends visit Summer 2009

Danesfield Rowing club Evening 2009

District Governor Terry Kenyon visit to our club 2009

The Rotary Rocket.

Our 2009 Christmas Dinner - Guest of honour Corporal and Mrs. Steven Lockwood, Household Calvary

Our Rotaract Charter Night 9th. Feb 2010

Rotary Gates

Our 35th. Aniversary do

Our AGM a good year, we recieved THREE Citations, one for our Interact Club, one for our Rotaract Club and one for our Club, nearly a record in our district! Also we had presentations from the Interactors, the Rotaractors AND our Inner Wheel (Spouses of Rotaract) we had a good meeting, and our District Governor Terry was impressed.

Our 2010 Christmas Dinner - guest of honour, Naomi Riches, bronze medal paralympic rower